Fierce and Delicious in Panama Last Week! May 07, 2015

Competition was Fierce and the Coffee was Delicious in Panama Last Week!

Sean has made his way back from Panama! He was invited to be a judge at the Best of Panama.  Together with other select judges, Sean cupped and tasted the most beautiful coffee Panama had to offer.  It was an honor to be invited to be a part of this panel of specialty coffee judges.

As a member of the coffee community since 2003, Sean has been roasting coffee to bring out the delicate flavors of coffee without over roasting the beans.  His culinary background gives him an edge in recognizing flavor characteristics in each bean and recognizing what flavor profiles give the bean strength and should be brought out.   This year he joined the elite coffee brigade of Q-graders.  Giving him the certification that recognizes his ability to detect the subtle notes within a wide array of coffee.  His time in coffee has given him a chance to develop friendships with coffee producers that he treasures. The honor of being invited to participate in the Best of Panama is not taken lightly.  

The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama hosts this event yearly.  In the tasting, a collection of well-respected coffee professionals take part to score the coffee.  Through the course of four days the judges extensively cup the coffee noting defects, flavor characteristics, and the overall quality of the coffee. Sean was honored and ecstatic to score tables with coffee scored in the 90+ range after he and his fellow coffee aficionados were done cupping. Sean recollects that one of his favorite parts of the Best of Panama was coming together with all of the other judges to meet, collaborate, and discover what coffees Panama had to offer this year.

(Coffee judging grows fierce as judges discuss a taint found in one of the coffees)

This detailed analysis of the coffee gives the producers recognition for the rigorous work they have put into growing their coffees.  Panama has become a popular market for coffee across the world.  The country continues to boast an array of exceptional coffees and a community of dedicated and passionate producers. With the Best of Panama, international coffee buyers and roasters can grasp how serious Panama is about their coffee.

 (Sean Boyd and Wilford Lamastus Jr. after his family’s farm won Best of Panama)

In past years, Red Whale Coffee has carried the Lamastus Family’s award winning Elida Geisha. This year, Sean had the opportunity to congratulate them in person for winning the Panama Cup for Best Producer! Come in to check the coffees we have to offer from Panama and stay tuned to see what coffees we may be carrying from this years Best of Panama! Stay tuned for pictures and information about his trip to the Elida Estates and other coffee producing farms while in Panama!

Written by: Caitlyn Prien