Chef Education & Onsite Training

Red Whale Coffee is determined to have a positive effect on the community one cup at a time and our Chef Education project is a big part of that vision. We are passionate about great coffee so we don’t just drop off samples. We like to have real conversations with restaurateurs, chefs, and business owners about what makes coffee great.

To make education about speciality coffee accessible (and fun!), we bring our portable cupping lab to you so we can show you the process in a way that illustrates the science and craftsmanship of coffee. We introduce you to several coffee varietals, explore where they are from, how they are roasted, and why that matters. We then give you the opportunity to participate in the cupping which allows you to learn about and appreciate the complexities each coffee has to offer and how they might pair with your menu.

The cupping experience is an aromatic and sensory experience for you and your staff and, more importantly, it provides knowledge that allows you to achieve that incredible cup of coffee on your own. 

If serving coffee is a part of your business, investing in the right coffee beans, equipment, and education is a vital investment. Red Whale Coffee is determined to help you find the perfect coffee solution tailored just for you.

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