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Red Whale Coffee:
More than Just Amazing Coffee!

Sean Boyd roasting heavenly coffee

Sean Boyd
Master Coffee Roaster, CEO

The Red Whale Coffee journey began with Sean Boyd, a 5th generation Californian, in 2003. As a chef and restauranteur, as well as a farm focused foodie, Sean wanted to offer the highest quality and consistent coffees to his guests that would leave a positive and lasting coffee impression and brand experience.

No gimmicks or shortcuts here!

Red Whale Coffee is also known for its cult-like following. Sean has always been an out of the box thinker. As a child, he didn’t sell lemonade in front of his house, he sold rocks. This determination fosters a deep, lingering, urbanesque taste and feel for Red Whale coffee flavors and profiles. The artsy coffee bar vibe enhances the coffee experience with his edgy, pin ball shooting, rock n’ roll, urban lounge.

So what’s next?
More please!

Because life is too short to drink crappy coffee.


 Why the Red Whale?

We get asked this question all the time.  This iconic Red Whale was developed because it‘s simple and easy to recognize.  A two year old or a ninety year old can look at this logo and recognize it for what it is, a Red Whale. 

The color red, although it is Sean’s favorite color, also symbolizes strength, courage, passion and love- qualities the Red Whale brand embodies and emotions you might relate to when you drink our coffee.

Why is the whale angry? That is not anger you see, that is the look of determination in our whale’s eye and that determination flows into every thing that we do.