Red Whale Coffee reflects on 2014 as it comes to a close... December 16, 2014


As 2014 winds to a close, Red Whale Coffee reflects on our growth, opportunities, and friendships that were realized this year. Red Whale Coffee is as much about the people as it is about the coffee; it wouldn’t be Red Whale without all of the wonderful people who contribute to our coffee community!

There are so many, but to thank you all would create a list lasting days, so we will keep it short and name just a few! Thank you all for supporting us and brightening us with your ways!

Special thanks to Steve and Andy who meet here to stay sane and connected during their work days,

Tom, Linda, Chuck, Debra and “Miguel the Mayor”,

Ben, who drives a big white truck,

Cheerful Larry and of course, Craig and all their friends from the County,

Ben, Adam, Angie and Shirley from Kaiser next door,

We can’t forget Mike, Peter and Dr. Matthew Egan,

Marci or Daphne

Great neighbors continue in Warm Things, California Printed of Marin, TLC and Graf!

All of our friends at the YWCA who give us reasons to smile with their every visit,

TRI Studio with Rick’s calm and chill demeanor, including all of the colorful people he brings in with him

Pelo and Star Academy; for all the coffee lovers that work there

Luke with his marketing team and Joe with his never-ending web development support….

Lillian, Sunshine Designs, Sammy Hagar and his guitarist, Vick too!

Where would we be without our coffee producers?

Remembering them for all their hard work in producing quality products, we are especially grateful to Yoddoi Thailand Coffee, Nayarita Coffee, Santa Felisa, and Elida Estate, to name just a few.

We are truly blessed and happy to have all of you as part of the Red Whale Coffee Family! We look forward to and can't wait to see what next year brings! THANK YOU!


Written by: Caitlyn Prien