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San Rafael Twilight Criterium August 8, 2014

It was a beautiful day to watch the races!  The sun was hot in the sky above the San Rafael’s Twilight Criterium.  The riders, dressed in bright spandex, were unfazed by the heat, their only focus was the next race.  The crowds fluctuated throughout the day but the spirits of all who attended were consistently high.  Red Whale Coffee was perched in a great spot, right next to the start line and event commentators.  Working the bike criterion felt like “coming home” for roaster, Sean Boyd, who raced bicycles in his youth. 

The dedication of the riders was most inspiring as they speedily raced lap after lap around Fourth Street and Fifth Street.  Despite the sweltering heat and the possibility of a crash, the racers continued speeding down the street, weaving past each other with skilled precision. Cyclists strove to beat personal records and move to the next challenge. While we fueled the riders with coffee, bananas and water, Red Whale Coffee heard stories of past races and accomplishments. In the same trajectory as their bicycles, it seems that the racers were content only with one thing: moving forward with utmost determination. It was sport, passion, and fun. A challenge for the mind and the body. 

It was great to contribute to such an atmosphere.  Serving coffee, Sideline cheering and meeting racers made for an ideal day.  Red Whale Coffee filled cups of cold brew with the spirit of the cyclists in mind, fueling the day with delicious coffee and determination to do whatever it takes to move to the next level!

Did we see you there!? Thanks to all the Red Whale Coffee Family who stopped by to say hello while at the Criterion! If you didn’t stop by, don’t worry! We still have the cold brew and more for you to enjoy! Come check us out and try out our Cat 1 Coffee, crafted especially for the San Rafael Twilight Criterium.