Mission Statement

What Red Whale coffee is all about!

Our mission at Red Whale Coffee is to create stronger community through our brand and coffee, one cup at a time.

A delicious cup of Red Whale Expresso

Through the Red Whale brand and coffee, we are determined to positively influence our global community; from the people living in the villages and towns where the coffee beans are grown, to the farmers, the shippers, our roasters, our baristas and most importantly, each and every one of our customers, holding a warm cup of Red Whale coffee in their hand every day.

We are committed to source the best beans possible, cook those beans precisely to reach their optimum flavor, educate our customers about what they should expect in a quality bean (knowledge is power) and then make that quality bean available.

While our objectives are to roast specialty coffee that tastes great and offer a brand recognized for quality, our greater vision is to use coffee to improve our community through education and business practices, based on ethics, respect and transparency.