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Is it Time to Invest in New Brewing Equipment?! Let’s Talk About it..... January 22, 2015

You have your delicious bag of Red Whale Coffee, you can’t wait to brew it up and drink it at home. What are you using to brew it? For the best quality of coffee, considering your brewing equipment and brewing process is important. We have a variety of different brewers available for you to consider. Let’s walk through some frequently asked brewing questions and a few suggestions for home!

 How should I store my coffee at home!?

This is a question we are often asked. A common myth is that it is best to store your coffee in a freezer. This is a myth. The freezer destroys the oils in the beans and makes the coffee flat, killing the flavor. The best place to store coffee is in the original Red Whale Coffee bag but if you must transfer your coffee to a container, a sealed glass container, like a Ball Jar or airtight container. Store your beans in a cool place with no sunlight exposure.

Grind: How fine should my grind be?

For the best cup possible, we recommend grinding your coffee immediately before brewing. When the bean is whole, the flavors are sealed inside. After grinding coffee, that flavor is released, meaning that grinding it even hours before you make your coffee will deplete the flavor you enjoy. When a coarser grind is recommended when using a metal filter. When using a paper filter, a finer grind will give you the best result. A coarse grind for coffee allows water to pass through too quickly and if your coffee is ground too fine, the water will have trouble going through the filter, blocking a proper coffee extraction. Stay tuned for more information in February on what sort of grinders we recommend for home use!

Brewing Methods: How much coffee do I use to make my cup?!

We recommend a half-ounce or one tablespoon to each measured cup of water for the proper extraction. Coffee is a very personal experience and there are many varieties of coffee. We can help guide you through the world of coffees to find your perfect coffee fit.   Experiment to find your personal preference, brewing methods can either bring out more flavor and oils or less, leaving you with a clarified cup! It’s all a good excuse to drink more coffee!

A question commonly asked: What is the difference between using a paper filter or a metal filter?

A paper filter will give you a cleaner cup; allowing only the liquid to pass through, with no sediment at the bottom of your cup. A grind of 5 is a nice fine grind for a paper filter, you could go a little finer, but be careful! Or the water will not be able to move through the grind.

Extracting coffee with a metal filter creates a deeper cup experience by allowing the fine coffee particulate and oils to pass through the filter, adding depth and a texture to your cup. For the metal Able Kone a coarse grind of about 7 is recommended, but play around to your personal taste.

We offer both paper and metal filters at Red Whale Coffee. The metal, Able Kone filter is made locally in the Bay Area (support local) and is a perfect addition to your home brewing routine. A group of coffee lovers, wanting a sustainable filter option for their Chemex maker, were inspired in the technology and design, to develop a filter that provides the best possible cup.

Brewing Equipment Recommendations

If you want a coffee brewer that withstands the test of time, we recommend the Chemex. Invented in 1941, the Chemex is a classic coffee brewer that continues to be one of the best options for coffee brewing. The simplicity of its glass design gives it a modern look, while being functional and heat proof. For the maximum quality of your cup, we recommend pairing it with the Able Kone.   The sleek hourglass Chemex shape paired with the Able Kone, is nice look for serving. The coffee can also be stored in the Chemex, sustaining the quality flavor it had when first brewed.


Kone Brewing System

Able Brewing in a effort to build upon the Kone Filter, created the Kone Brewing System. Made from ceramic, it is functional and has a clean simple design, making it ideal for serving to guests or storing the coffee for later use.


The AeroPress Brewer is ideal for travel and making your coffee by the cup. It is economical, easy to clean, and portable. It has a speedy brew time that allows the coffee to have a gentle taste to it, with little room for bitterness. Because the coffee is completely immersed, the extraction is uniform, without a chance of over extraction. It can be used with a paper filter or a metal filter; the AeroPress includes a micro filter to allow rich tastes without the grit and it is made from plastic that is BPA and pthlalates free.   A great addition to your vacation getaway or a casual day around the house.

Come down to Red Whale Coffee to check out these brewing systems and our other pour over methods by Melitta and Hario! We are happy to answer any brewing questions that help you get the most out of each cup that you sip at home or in the office!!

Written by: Cailtyn Prien