Playfully Pair your Coffee and Food! May 15, 2014

Coffee tasting is becoming more complex.  People are beginning to realize that there is a lot more to coffee than having it black or with cream and sugar.  The complex mingling of flavors in a single cup of coffee can be a tantalizing experience rather than simply the extra boost to get you through the day.  Want to expand on that experience?! Pair it with food.  There is a reason you crave a cookie while you are sipping on your coffee, it’s because the flavors complement each other!  Also, anything that is an excuse for a little treat in the middle of the day sounds good, right?!

To learn about pairing coffee with something tasty, one must understand that it starts far before the coffee is poured into the cup.  At Red Whale Coffee, it starts with a small sampling of beans.  Chosen for its quality and cooked to bring out the bean’ns flavors.  Coffee tastings, or cuppings, help us build the flavor profile of theour bean.  We don’t just sip the coffee. We smell the aroma that comes off the bean, beginning to notice the subtle complexity that the bean has.

The roots of Red Whale Coffee begins with understanding the delicate flavor in coffee and pairing it well.  Sean Boyd began Red Whale Coffee so that he could pair the meals he made with an excellent cup of coffee.  His background as a chef gives him the knowledge and experience to understand how to pair flavors to enhance the qualities of both the coffee and the meal.

Stop in to get recommendations for a meal. Whether coffee is a hobby and you want to treat yourself and friends, or whether you prepare meals professionally, we can help reviewave a dessert or dinner menu reviewed and pair it ed with our coffee, specialized just for you.  We want to enhance all experiences, from a simple treat in the afternoon, to a dessert after a meal deliciously prepared.

While you are waiting to visit us at our facilitystop in, let’s give you some recommendations in the meantime!  The goods news:, everything goes with coffee! But let’s find what goes best.

When pairing coffee with food, the goal is you want to enhance and compliment the natural flavors ofin the beans and the food

When one is pairing chocolate, pair a rich deep cup of coffee with cocoa undertones works best.  Our ur Papua New Guinea PeaberryMile High would pairs excellently with a dark chocolate.  Milk and white chocolate will go nicely with a lighter bodied coffee.  Our Guatemalan hasOur Guatemalans tend to have a sweet honey and caramel notes, so with this coffee, treat yourself to a chocolatye caramel treat to This compliments and balances both the chocolatees and the coffee.

Just looking for a pastry? Take Choose a lemon bar to bring out the fruity lemon flavors in our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.  An oatmeal raisin cookie would pairs nicely with our El Salvador Santa Rita Peaberry, the nuttiness flavorin the flavor would brings out the oatmeal and spices in the cookie.

Our Hondurran coffee, has a strong maple flavor to it, pair it with a pastry with maple glaze.  Or be classic! Have some pancakes with maple syrup!

Don’t be afraid orto shy away from a full meal complimented with a cup of coffee, hot or iced!  Our smoky Ling Tong Sumatran would pairs nicely with a barbequed steak, to bringing out the smoked and savory flavors of both.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Take some time to explore, notice what flavors stand out to you. Have fun with it!


Written by-Caitlyn Prien