To K-Cup or not to K-Cup? January 30, 2014

Red Whale Coffee has a reputation as an eco-friendly company; we’ve made an effort to make only socially conscious business decisions since we were founded in 2003. Red Whale Coffee’s motto is “Coffee, beyond the cup,” which reflects our core value that we have a responsibility to help improve our global community in every way we can.  We do not follow the trends in coffee just to gain a profit and will not offer solutions to the public if we feel that the solutions don’t have the global communities best interests at heart.

Here's Red Whale Coffee’s take on the Keurig system- we definitely embrace the principle of the Kuerig as a single cup brewing system! We use the single cup pour over brewing method ourselves, every day.

After acknowledging the convenience of the Keurig, this system presents more negatives than positives, for us.  The waste produced by the disposable k-cup is enormous! Statistics show 54% of the population over the age of 18, drink coffee. If half of those coffee drinkers use k-cups 7 days a week, approximately 20,983,051,578 k- cups will be dumped into our landfill every year!  We have a problem with this…..

The quality of the coffee used in the k-cup is “good”, at best.  The coffee is stored for, who knows how long, in plastic cups. It’s then brewed, by extracting the coffee with high temperature water, through plastic!  There are numerous studies that report the adverse effects of using plastic for food storage. Are we also 100% sure that the plastic cups do not contain BPA, which is proven to be related to health risks?

Does Red Whale Coffee have or use K-cups? The immediate answer is no.  We have sourced a solution that addresses the convenience of the Keurig single cup brewing system while also being socially responsible and eco friendly. This system is a reusable stainless steel filter/cup, guaranteed to be MPA free and the plastic does not come into contact with the food.  This system also addresses the quality issue, in that it is not pre packed. You get to choose your own fresh roasted coffee beans, which you then grind directly into the re-useable Keurig compatible cup.  With this solution, you will no longer need to feel guilty about throwing away un-recyclable plastic k-cups and adding unnecessarily to our landfills. You can and will obtain a very high quality cup of coffee as long as you use high quality, freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Red Whale Coffee has done extensive research and we’ve determined that this is the best possible replacement of the k-cup solution on the market to date. We will soon be featuring and endorsing this eco-friendly re-useable cup on our website  We are and will remain determined in our commitment to offer you only the highest quality in everything that we do!