The color of the roast-explained! January 24, 2014

One of our customers asked whether we have light or dark roast coffees...this is a really great question which I thought deserved an answer you all could see on our blog!

 We get our coffee from many all the coffee producing countries around the world. Each of our coffees are usually single estate, from small micro lots and hand farmed which means the coffee beans are of the highest quality and traceable back to the farmer himself.

Because we buy high quality beans and not commercial grade coffee, we roast specifically to accentuate the beans natural taste, every bean has a unique roast profile. We roast light. medium or dark depending on what the bean can handle, while still maintaining its own natural flavor.

When a bean is roasted too dark, the natural bean flavors are lost, eclipsed by the roast flavor which is then all you can taste. A bean can also be under roasted which creates an unpleasant flavor as well.  This is where the craft of a talented, experienced roasted shines!

If you share your coffee preferences, whether you enjoy full bodied coffees or something more fruity and light- we can help you pick an amazing coffee. Please feel free to message us with questions or comments, we are always available to ensure you have great coffee in your life!