Guatemala: Santa Felisa Red Typica

Acidity Medium Acidity SmthBright
Body Mid Body MediumFull

Sweet, tangy, bright, light fruit, caramel, chocolate, kiwi, pears, hazelnuts with a nice sweetness. From one of our favorite direct trade producers!

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Region: Acatenango Chimaltenango

Varietal: Red Typica

Elevation: 4900 ft

Processing Method: Washed

About the Farm:

The Santa Felisa Farm was established in 1904 with a philosophy of integrity, quality, loyalty, social and environmental justice.  One hundred and ten years later and employing a fourth generation, it is still farmed with an intense wealth of knowledge, tradition and attention to detail all resulting in exceptional coffee.

The Santa Felisa Farm avoids the use of synthetic agrochemicals (organic coffee), participates in the reforestation of native trees and the protection of watersheds.  All waste produced by this farm is separated; organic and inorganic. The pulp is used as an organic compost fertilizer for the plantation.  

Pest management is expertly controlled with the right use of pruning, mechanical weed control and avoidance of fruit remnants left after harvest.  

Country of Origin:

Acatenango Chimaltenango

Red Typica

4900 ft



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