Private Coffee Cupping

Cupping is a worldwide practice for evaluating roasted coffee.

Want to learn more in depth about the process that goes into getting your great cup of Red Whale Coffee?

Then great news! Now you can buy a private coffee cupping at Red Whale Coffee!

We promise that this will be a unique sensory experience that you will not want to miss out on. 

In 90 minutes, Sean Boyd, the Chief Coffee Geek will share his knowledge with you and will be going over:

  • Cupping protocol
  • Sensory terminology
  • Differences in origin
  • How different roasts levels can impact the flavor attributes of the coffee bean

The cost is per a group 1: up to 10 people, Group 2: 11-15 people. After purchasing please email us at to set the day and time for your private cupping. We ask for 14 days in advance.

Please do not bring any outside food or drink and keep personal perfumes and fragrances to a minimum to allow the coffee aromas to stand out without conflict.

Terms: All bookings are final sale. 

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