About Direct Trade Coffee

At Red Whale Coffee, it is a core value to support ethical, sustainable trade in order to benefit our global community.  Only the freshest, highest quality green coffee beans possible are sourced from direct trade coffee producers in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Indonesia and the United States. 

As part of our commitment, we only engage and trade with ethical, like-minded coffee sources. To put it another way, Red Whale Coffee sources the finest beans from small independent producers who produce high quality micro-lot coffees.

Whenever possible, we cut out the middleman to ensure that we have the best quality beans from community driven farmers who farm with integrity. Through direct trade, Red Whale Coffee is able to develop mutually beneficial relationships with dedicated, ethical, and community-minded coffee sources. We believe there is a difference in a coffee bean when it comes from a farmer with business practices that include paying fair wages, incorporating better environmental policies, and, in the end, has a higher quality coffee bean.

This conscious choice, on where and how we source our coffee, is extremely important to us, and is directly aligned with our mission.