Nicaragua: Santos Yellow Catuai Microlot

Acidity Medium Acidity SmthBright
Body Mid Body MediumFull

Santos and his wife Terésa produce yellow and red catuai coffee in the Las Nubes region of Matagalpa, near the Jinotega border. The area is called Las Nubes because it is literally up in the clouds. Their coffee stands out on cupping tables because of the immense care they put into grow ing, combined with picking only the most perfectly ripe berries and selecting out imperfections by hand.

Santos is lively, extroverted, and always smiling. He and Terésa have many children: Javier Antonio, Harold francisco, Carolina, Aleyda, Carmen María, Noelid Isaías, Alicia del Socorro, Asalia de Jesús, as well as a newborn baby. Their farm also produces or anges, mandarins, jocote, lemons, and bananas and has a waterfall. With increased income from working with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, they are able to prevent diseases from affecting their coffee, buy better clothes for their children, and have savings in case they get sick. They also have solar energy and a solar drying greenhouse. We have already extended credit (which is scarce in Nicaragua) to them for next year based on their great track record.

Country of Origin:

Las Nubes

red catuai

4265 ft

Harvest Period:
December- March



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