Nicaragua: Ronald & Noelia Fighting Poverty through Quality Microlot

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Body Mid Body MediumFull

This family has 9 kids & excellent red/yellow catuai. We connected them with financing, which they're using to buy more land, care for their coffee, grow vegetables & corn, build a new house, & feed their family. Their small farm literally spans the Matagalpa/Jinotega border. Their coffee gets excellent readings with our refractometers, which measure sugar content.

Dry fragrance: chocolate-covered raspberry, dark chocolate-covered cherry, red cherry syrup, brown sugar, brownie with cherry, chocolate syrup, deep prune, concord grapes

Wet aroma: 60% Venezuelan chocolate, red cherries

Taste warm: sweet plum, grapes (dark ones), chocolate, citric acidity of lemon/grapefruit (refreshing)

Taste cooling: juicy, cherries, plums, malic acidity, apple rind, plum sauce, juicy, lemon. 

Note: a slightly more developed roast transformed this coffee into red wine

As pourover warm: Insanely juicy plum, plum fresh squeezed with extra sugar refined over the stove, body!!! Juicy! Plum sauce warm.

As pourover cooling: Lemonade crazy sweet and warmed, mandarin orange, so sweet!!! Plum sauce sweet!!! Syrup sweetener. Peach juice sweetened. Melted butter. Syrup.

Ronald and his wife Noelia produce yellow and red catuai coffee in the Las Nubes region of Matagalpa, near the Jinotega border. The area is called Las Nubes because it is literally up in the clouds. Because of the meticulous care they give to their coffee, their microlot of purely catuai beans (red and yellow) is of excellent quality (as as you can see in their coffees nitrogen-rich deep green leaves). Gold Mountain Coffee Growers gave Ronald and Noelia a loan in the off-sea son to finance their farm and all the inputs it requires, and they also used the funding to purchase more land.

Ronald and Noelia have nine kids: Efrain Jonathan Tercero Granada, Lesther David, Roland Jose, Ever Joel, Mario Francisco, Jesús Manuel, Jorvin Antonio, Noelia Guadalupe, and Leonel Vladimir. They also have a cow that is pregnant and will eventually give the family milk. With such a large family and such amazing specialty coffee, we hope they earn enough to feed their kids and keep them in school to an advanced level.

Country of Origin:

Red/yellow catuai

2788-3772 ft


Natural processed Red Pacamara that sings with hints of fruit (lemon) and chocolate



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