Nicaragua: Don Isidro Microlot

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It took us several years to track down Don Isidro, who we had heard produces wonderful Caturra coffee at a very high altitude. Don Isidro is diversified into producing carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables. His farm has famously fertile soil, a cold microclimate perfect for coffee cultivation, and spring water. He has many drying racks in order to select out imperfections by hand and prepare his coffee for safe transport down the mountain. 

Don Isidro's region enjoys some of the best altitude and most fertile soil in Nicaragua. These factors combine to help farmers produce the highest quality coffee in the country. Beans from this region have won the Cup of Excellence many times. However, the Cup of Excellence does not bring steady prices year after year, leaving farmers vulnerable to the fluctuations of world markets. Producers are already using the benefits of higher prices from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers to improve their houses and means of transport (which can be anything from a horse to a pickup truck). Several are using the higher prices to independently instal l solar panels on their roofs.

Country of Origin:

Red/yellow catura

4921 ft


Natural processed Red Pacamara that sings with hints of fruit (lemon) and chocolate



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