Mexico: Nayarit, Terruno Nayarita Reserve 10.0% Off Auto renew

San Cristobal Coffee Importers has been working, together with the state of Nayarit Mexico, since 1996 to develop sources of prize winning coffee.  It is a fact that coffee is a commodity second only to oil so the smaller held coffee farms cover a significant amount of environmentally sensitive land and farming practices become important contributors to bio-diversity and habitat conservation on a global scale.

More money and certifications are now available to growers in Mexico which helps them survive commodity roller coasters and ultimately protects our global environment through the education of farming practices.

How is this done?

     A 250 hour coffee management course is available for growers in Nayarit

     A re-certification test has been instituted to maintain farming integrity among graduates of the farming management course

     A development of coffee quality control system 

     State of the art farming equipment available for Nayarit and other regions in Mexico

     Establishing Nayarit as the coffee quality control leader in Mexico which brings with it world wide accolades

A partnership with Cafe Sustentables de Mexico (CSM) which provides coffee cooperatives access to state of the art processing services, quality control oversight      and quality certification for exported coffee.

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