Indonesia: Sumatra Badak Rhino Triplepicked

Acidity Medium Acidity SmthBright
Body Full Body MediumFull

Surprisingly medium/full body Apple, cocoa, hint of grapefruit zest

The coffee growing process in this area is a traditional one as part of the traditional Gayo tribe's society with strong culture to maintain the heritage. Coffee trees, along with cocoa, chili, and orange live well in the area, as well as livestock whose droppage is used as fertilizer for the trees.  In addition to the droppage, coffee parchment skin is also used as fertilizer.  This is the typical and unwritten standard, which can be seen in almost every family’s backyard within the region, with manual pulley, ground-water well as the water source.  Some of these farmers are organically certified, however chemical fertilizer is unknown to most farmers there, so the processes used are all natural.

Country of Origin:

Lake Tawar, Gayo Mountain

Holong Batak

4300 ft

Processing Method:


Notes of dark cherry and amaretto with extra dark chocolate and a silky body. Finished with subtleties of pleasant oak.



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