Nicaragua: El Limoncillo Red Pacamara

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This  amazing  coffee comes from our friends at Finca Mierisch. Natural processed red pacamara that sings with fruits w/hints of lemon and chocolate. Only 426lbs produced for Red Whale Coffee

Certification: Utz Certified

This amazing coffee comes from our friends at Fincas Mierisch. Steve Mierisch has worked in the farming, processing, financing, exporting, and importing of coffee for more than 15 years. 

Steve believes that an industry where more artisanal roasters can access quality ingredients means a better coffee experience for both the consumer and the farmer. He pursues his efforts in New York City through his organization Pulley Collective.

Among other things, Steve consults on the boring things that must be done in any organization and continuously looks for ways to provide more information and transparency for every coffee bean.

Red Whale Coffee enjoys developing relationships that allow us to source directly from the producers, helping to ensure our ability to source the highest quality coffee beans reach your cup.  The lot purchased from Fincas Mierisch only produced 426 lbs of the Red Pacamara and we are lucky enough to have all of it here at Red Whale Coffee!

Country of Origin:

Matagalpa, Yasica Norte

Red Pacamera

2788-3772 ft

Harvest Period:
December- March

Processing Method:
Dry fermented then washed


Natural processed Red Pacamara that sings with hints of fruit (lemon) and chocolate



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