Nicaragua: Don Roger's Tropical Fruit Symphony (Natural)

Acidity Medium Acidity SmthBright
Body Mid Body MediumFull

Dry fragrance: Mango, tropical fruit compote, prunes

Wet aroma: mango, creme brulee top, strawberry, grapes

Taste warm: prunes, plum, butter, pecans, mango, peach, citric

Taste Cooling: Grilled mango, white grapes, sweet, white peach, grapes, pushpop of grapes, dark chocolate

Roger Mairena and his wife have a farm near the Arenal Nature Reserve. Don Roger has a degree in agronomy.

A stream begins on the familys property, allowing clean spring water for washing

coffee and for sharing with the community. The farm has a special system of PVC tubing with tiny perforations underneath the groves of trees so that runoff from washing coffee is filtered by the earth instead of polluting streams.

Don Roger takes pride in his ability to prune trees with special techniques, training his Bourbon to grow in even form next to is plot of Caturra. The Mairena Bourbon and Caturra are mixed 50/50 for a delightful cup with notes of citrus, great acidity, juiciness, and delicateness. Their Java is a rare variety adapted from Indonesia that, given the high altitude of the farm, makes for a flavor-packed cup with notes of milk chocolate, creaminess, sweetness, good body, and medium acidity.

Several years ago, Don Roger planted a grove of Paché seeds from Guatemala, which he thinks are a cross between Caturra and another Paché variety. This coffee won awards based on cup quality and sustainability practices. It has cupping notes of tropical fruits, citrus, nice acidity, and is sought after by buyers from Asia.

Country of Origin:

Java, Caturra, Bourbon, Paché

3707 ft

Harvest Period:
December- March

Processing Method:



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