Red Whale Coffee meets May Madness June 30, 2014

It was a perfect day at the May Madness Car Show in San Rafael.  The classic hot rods were parked down Fourth Street in San Rafael, all the decadent care transforming them into an art form on wheels.  The day was beautiful and the crowds, from families to car enthusiasts, were in chipper spirits. Red Whale Coffee added to the festivities with refreshing iced coffee, Cali Roast, and big smiles.



The event spanned a few blocks of Fourth Street with cars lining the streets.  The early part of the day was dedicated to strolling and perusing the cars before the parade at five.



Many people stopped to admire our Red Whale Coffee 1953 Chevy Panel Van.  It was the original Oakland Humane Society’s van, used to pick up strays. Nowadays Red Whale Coffee is nestled in the back, waiting for eager coffee lovers. 

It was wonderful meeting all the people who were curious about the Red Whale, some had seen our location on Paul Drive and were excited to learn that we source and roast coffee, we even had a strong fan base of children coming up (it might have just been our tattoos with the cool Red Whale but we had a few kids walk away with a hat too!)


The day was also fun because we were surrounded by a great community of fun vendors! Rip City Riders was across the street raffling a motorcycle and Purity Organic was giving away drinks next door to Red Whale Coffee!  We sampled some of their juices, which was perfect for the day (my personal favorite was the Arnold Palmer!) Give them a try next time you see them! They are perfect for a summer day.

The streets were cleared out and the parade began.  People showed off their personalities while crawling down Fourth Street, blasting their music, throwing candy, or in one particular Chevy Impala’s case, bumping up and down on hydraulics.  A marching band from Davidson Middle School stomped down the road, excitement and adolescent nervousness mixed together.  The whole community from town officials down to students were represented in May Madness.

Did you come down and enjoy all the cars?!  We were excited to run into a lot of Red Whale Coffee Lovers stopping by to say hello and enjoy a cup of coffee!  It was great seeing everyone outside of the shop on Paul Drive! 

Stay posted for the next event we do and come enjoy the festivities with us!